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Early Loco stuff for sale

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I can't quite read, are the side lamps Locomobile script?  What is the measurements of the Script threshold?  The Jones speedo must be for a 1906-7-8?  You have a nice group of parts for sure.


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The 3 lamps are Solar 1033C's. All are Loco script on top.  All are right hand mount.

The one single lamp is Solar 1128C.  Loco script on top and left hand mount.

The manual is 1908 Model E's and I's.  Excellent original.

The clock is Waltham with octagon rim.

The plate is cast iron with a Loco truck cast into it.  On back side is Locomobile, 1915 cast into it.  8" X 4 1/2".

Jones tachometer 4" expanded face. 

2 early Loco hubcaps, external threads.

Sill Plate,  15 1/2 X 4.

I.D.plate.  1905 Model H  Car # 629.

More to come !!  Locoman

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I am guessing that the 1033's would have come on a 1910 automobile?  Do you know if there would be different than the 933's or was it just a date thing?


PS: we will be watching for your additional parts!

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