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Tires and Tubes for 1912 McLaughlin Buick model 35 size 33/4


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Hi all. I am a daily watcher but infrequent poster. I have a 1912 McLaughlin-Buick Model 35 I saw at Hershey in 1972 at age 14 and took a picture of it with my Kodak instamatic. Fast forward to the early 2000s and I see the car for sale in Hemmings.com. The owner sent me pictures of it including one from 70 years of Buick that has a picture taken the same time as mine at Hershey when the show was in the football stadium. I ignored my brass car advise of buying a Model T Ford due to crazy cost of non Ford parts and bought the car. Was able to do a few HCCA and Snapper tours over the years. Plan to do more now as retirement approaches. Been through crazy amounts of money fixing the rear end and other things. One of my bucket list is taking the car back to Hershey for the show and doing the Hangover tour. This is the YEAR! Signed up for both. Had it out on test tour to a machine show a couple weeks ago an had a flat in rainstorm ( wife loved that as the curtains in the front blocking the 4 in gap from windshield to top was not on.) Drove about three miles with the flat not knowing with all the noise of car and rain. Tires are 25 plus year old Lester whitewalls.  The flat had ground up rubber in it and the tube broke at the value stem. No one makes whitewalls anymore in 33/4 Straight side and don’t want white tires for a tour car. My black wall choices( West Peterson should be happy) are Lucas Olympic Tread, Universals that look like the Lesters and Cokers Bf Goodrich Silvertown. The Olympics look like tires for Model A and don’t know if they are good with Straight side rims.( By the Way Straight side rims with the lock ring are a big pain in the neck like Ed’s White rims) I am leaning to the Silvertowns. I realize Coker makes the Universal and the Silvertowns but do not know about Lucas’s Olympics. Also the big question is what to do about tubes. The Car has the $60 brass stemmed tubes with the bridges. I have heard lots of bad luck with new tubes. Anyone purchased new brass stemed tubes recently? My choices are buying the new tubes or putting on the three old ones along with a new one I purchased 10-15 years ago as a spare.  I know Matt Harwood likes using truck tubes but I don’t think they are available in 33/4. Since taking these straight side tires/tubes/flaps off and on is an extreme exercise of bad language, I don’t want to do it again for while. What is everyone’s thoughts. 


Tom Muth

Cincinnati, Ohio 

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36 minutes ago, John_Mereness said:

Tom, perhaps a Michelin tube out of Europe ?



One of my best friends is a Michelin division President and big car collector along with his father who was an AACA President. His Dad put new tubes from the “only game in town” a few years ago in 32 Chevy and had to be pumped up every week. His suggestion yesterday was to put the old tubes on. Will check if he know of tubes this size available only in Europe.





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This may be a wild shot in the dark but a place like Tractor Supply may be able Get something that fits. I have a friend that collects old tractors and has gotten some really weird sizes of tubes from them. Again that is just a wild suggestion. 
good luck. 

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59 minutes ago, Ben P. said:

Yes, Blockley tubes.

I didn’t think to photograph the tubes specifically, but he makes them to size - not one tube to cover many sizes.

The set that came with my 30x3 1/2 clinchers look superb with brass stems. The engine is out of the car so obviously I can’t give them a good drive report....


Thanks for the info. Closest is 33/5 on their website

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20 hours ago, Ben P. said:

Yes Tom, it’s 33x5, and I think it was suggested to look into it because the question is: Of the tubes other outlets will sell to fit your 33x4 tires - what is their actual size? (I don’t know the answer to this but after spending 2 years looking into 30x3 1/2” for my car I’d say it’s quite unlikely they’re actually 33x4 tubes.)

Perhaps the Blockley tubes are a closer fit?

Maybe not, just a suggestion.

The Blockley folks are good "engineers" (or at least they have been everytime I have asked) - shoot them the question. 

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