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ESSEX year of make needed

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That funny curved thing above the windshield is an after-market (not made by nor specifically for Essex) sun visor. I have seen a few originals in nice condition. They used a colored sort-of plastic piece that shaped into the curves, and resisted breaking with the car's vibration. I think the plastic piece might have been something akin to isinglass? The plastic was usually some sort of light filtering color, I have seen both amber and almost violet blue. The visors were made in slightly different widths to fit different cars.

The license plate frame (looks like a topper?) appears to be a AAA in a diamond emblem (American Automobile Association). AAA sold these to members, and they were very nice cast aluminum frames. The emblems varied for different regions of the country. Some of them were brass stampings, others printed porcelain (often two color blue and yellow). I had an original frame with the blue and yellow porcelain emblem (I might still have it?). 

About thirty years ago, a good friend had reproductions of the frames cast and finished. Original emblems used to be fairly easy to get, but the frames were nearly always broken.

The license plate appears to be California 1923.

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