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Jacks Used on 1927 and 1929 Buick Model 27's


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Hi Marty,


For 1929, this is the correct jack:

Auto Specialties Mfg Co

St Joseph, Michigan

model = Dreadnaut Twin Lift


No 27

Patent date = July 20, 1926


All of that info appears on the jack itself


I have 2, but only one handle - it is easy to find the jack on ebay but they almost never include the handle.  I got lucky and found a set once.  I do not think blue is an accurate color (the one in my photo), but the other one has remnants of red and that looks like it could be the original paint.


I've used the blue one on my 29-27 once or twice, and I locate it as best I can on a strong part of the axle.






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Thanks for the info! I wonder if the 26 was what they used on the 1027 models.  I'm also surprised there wasn't a cup that fit over the top of the jacks screw top and had a U shaped top on the cup that grasped the bottom of the axle to keep it from sliding off the axle.


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