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a few questions on a 1912


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hi everyone, i recently obtained a 1912 buick, not sure which model

it is a 2 door. im curious as to how to tell the difference, how to tell the engine size

is there anything that was innovative of the car for that year? i will be doing a review video on the car and want to make sure all of my facts are straight etc so the more info i can get the better

i will upload a picture of the car once i get it off my phone

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As you can see from the chart that Morgan attached,  Your car is either a Model 34 with the 165 cubic inch motor or a Model 28 with the 201 cubic inch motor.  The  smaller motor is attached to a narrower sub frame at four points  where as the 201 motor reaches the chassis/frame at the back and a central  mounting point at the front.  Posting  the wheel base will help us detemine which year/model you have.

1912 Buick Catalogue-08-09.jpg

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3 hours ago, Mark Shaw said:


    The original REMY low tension mags were most often replaced with a Bosch DU4. (Most agree that Bosch mags are best).

My Model was fitted with a BERLING when I got it, but I have a DU4 to replace it when it dies.


Thank you 👍 

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