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FS - 1964 Buick Riviera Super Wildcat - Chicago, IL suburbs

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My dad is getting older, and I bought him a newer toy to play with, so Im looking to sell his toy of the last 10 years.  This is a running, driving, upgraded 1964 Buick Riviera.  Car has won numerous awards at car shows, even "Best of the 60s at a show in a Chevy dealer!"  Always gets attention everywhere.  All original parts are still either on the car, or included.  Engine, trans, rear end, and body all original and match.  This is an original Super Wildcat (dual quad) 425 car - which became the Riviera GS in 1965.  This is good quality driver.  Interior is mostly original and in good shape, floor was entirely sealed with POR15, dynamat, and new carpet.  New windshield was installed, all other windows were pulled, polished, and rear window was resealed.  Radio is aftermarket "antique style" with USB input.  Car is lightly optioned, power windows, power steering, power brakes.  Car was originally blue, was repainted white at some point prior to us owning it.  Car includes the original dual quad manifold, carbs, and linkage.  It also includes the original front drum brakes.  For my dad to drive around to be more streetable, I swapped in a single 4 bbl intake with new edelbrock 750 carb and electric choke.  I installed a Pertronix electronic ignition.  Added a original style passenger side mirror (but was not an official option purchased with the car)  I installed a GM B Body front brake disc conversion with GM truck dual reservoir master cylinder and proportioning valve and new brake hoses.  Parts replaced all during our ownership.  new alternator, water pump, power steering pump, fan clutch, radiator, and front and rear springs, shocks, and most of the front bushings.  Car has Buick 15x7 rallye mags most likely off a 70s B Body.  Located in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Car runs and drives great, but my dad moved 35 miles away to a senior community, and I didn't want him driving this classic tons of miles just to come and visit family. Car has always been stored indoors in the time we have owned it.  Frame, floors, trunk pan, etc is all very clean.  All chrome and emblems are present. "The bad" - I am always transparent, and these are the things I would want to know when purchasing a classic car.  a few bubbles in the paint on the rockers are present.  Previous owner did the dark grey paint along the rockers - and it has not changed in the 10+ years we have owned the car.  Horn does not work, needs the power distribution block/relay.  Turn signals do not cancel.  Heater core is bypassed, most likely needs to be replaced.  Unknown mileage, odometer does not work, speedometer works fine.  speed "buzzer" option does not work.  clock does not work.  Some holes were drilled in the inner fenders and radiator crossbrace for neon lighting that was present when we bought the car and removed.  Ash tray bezel was cut to install oil pressure and temp gauges (under the door).  Paint was touched up around the windshield and rear window.  Previous owners used silicone to seal the window trim...  I had all that removed, windows pulled and resealed, but some of the paint pulled during that process, so it was touched up.  Offering it to the Buick community first, if it doesn't sell, you can see it at Mecum this fall.  Asking $15,000.  Ask if you want any more details. Has a clear Illinois title.

2011-05-06 13.22.00.jpg

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