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1967 Mercury Cougar - "Very Original" - "Matching #s 289 A Code" - NY - Not Mine

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For Sale on Facebook:  1967 Mercury Cougar in West Babylon, NY  -  $12,800  -  Must be a member of Facebook to access Seller's contact information


Link:  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/324815685556893/


9/8 posted on Craigslist  https://longisland.craigslist.org/cto/d/west-babylon-1967-mercury-cougar/7192668388.html


Seller's Description:

Very original matching numbers 1967 cougar 289 factory 4 barrel with auto transmission and center console. Car is very original and has original body panels, floors and trunk. The paint is in nice driver condition with a typical nick or small chip here and there but nothing to speak of. Interior is completely original and super clean but has small tear on center of drivers seat. The dash is very nice and clean and it is quite obvious that this car was taken care and it has an original 112k miles. The car drives fine down the road and shifts perfectly. Engine runs great with no smoke or funny noises. The undercarriage is completely original with most of it's original undercoating still there (you can see it's peeling off in many places) but has had a small patch or two which is expected for a 53 year old Ford (Mercury). Pretty impressive to me, that's for sure! All lights work but the headlights do not open on their own bc there must be a crack in one of the lines, they worked perfectly a month ago so it has to be a cracked line somewhere. I guess the heat got to it. The AC was not blowing cold so we removed the belt but compressor turns freely and should work with a charge. Louie



























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Nice looking car in a good color.

I always liked these first gen Cougars. Owned a couple of them over the years. Never understood why they're so much further down the food chain than the Mustangs.

Side note:

The A/C NEVER "probably just needs a charge" or it would have one. More than likely needs a $2K overhaul/conversion.

Inop headlamp doors will not be "just a cracked vacuum line" or it would already be fixed. Again, more than likely, a bad control valve or a frozen actuator.

Always easier to get top money if your ad doesn't include the words "except for".


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I also think this car is very pretty. I see no problems with it, Malo, but I know little about Cougars. I have a mid-60's Thunderbird, though, and I will say that some of the Ford unibody cars of this era can hide rust in fairly inconspicuous places. Not easily detected without taking things apart. Something to consider when looking at a car from NY, but this Cougar looks to me like it's been well cared for over the years. Good luck.

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From a practical point, Malo, I would be concerned about rust beneath the vinyl top especially below the rear window.  Also Greg's comments about the a/c and Seller's comment about the headlights that do not open on their own.  Looks like a great car.  Ask Seller how long he has owned it.  Good luck!  

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