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1990 Buick reatta- fuel filler neck


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Hi I am looking to put a new filler neck on my reatta, and there are 2 options I can find with slightly different dimensions. However one is substantially cheaper. The two that I am looking at are the dorman 577-236 [diameter:1.25 inches

legnth: 27 inches.]This is the pricy option


option 2 is spectra premium fn980.

[diameter:1.50 inches length :26.5 inches]
this option is cheaper.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)

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I just installed the Spectra fuel filler neck in my 89 a few days ago and it worked well. I found it was impossible to install with the small frame support clamp in place, so I removed it, installed the filler and reinstalled the frame support when I was ready to reattach the filler to the plastic liner inside the fill door.

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