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1957 Cadillac Sedan deVille - "Enjoyed 24+ Years" - PA - Not Mine - 8/25 Price Increased

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For Sale on Craigslist:  1957 Cadillac Sedan deVille in State College, PA  -  $9,750  -  No phone # provided. Reply to Seller through Craigslist email to 0f096fbae0bd32478b5f69c8770818d3@sale.craigslist.org


                                                                      On 8/25, Seller increased price to $9,999


Link:  https://pennstate.craigslist.org/cto/d/state-college-1957-cadillac-sedan/7179673701.html


Seller's Description:

I bought this Cadillac in the early 1990’s from a man in southwestern Pennsylvania. He started working on the car but never had time to get it running and decided to sell the car. When I purchased the car it was in similar shape but didn’t run. I rebuilt the carburetor, replaced all the spark plugs and wires, ignition coil, battery, change the oil, filter, and fluids, replaced points, adjusted dwell, greased, timing, etc. It fired right up and has run ever since! We have enjoyed 24+ years with this car and it has been great! We’ve finally decided we are ready to part with this car as we look for a new adventure. Serious inquiries only - this car is being sold as is and payment will only be accepted by cash or certified cashier’s check (from a local bank). No personal checks.

This car has always been kept in a dehumidified garage in Central PA since I have owned it. The car needs some work but we regularly take it out for local drives. The craftsmanship that went into these cars at the time was incredible. The speedometer cable was broken when I bought the car so I have no idea how many miles are on the car. We only put a few hundred miles on the car each year. I have a repair manual that I can include. Standard parts have been pretty easy to find.

  • Video with engine running: https://youtu.be/-_3PjARygHs
  • All of the doors, hood, and truck line up and shut nice and tight – overall very solid
  • Electric windows
  • The carburetor was just rebuilt this past August (2019)
  • The chrome is overall in fair condition the rear bumper is the worst
  • The paint has some scratches and small rust spots mostly around the edges
  • It leaks oil and transmission fluid – needs new seals
  • The car had some body work and was repainted about 30+ years ago before we owned it
  • There is rust on undercarriage, around door and trunk edges, rear chrome, and there is a hole in the passenger side floor board
  • The gas tank was also replaced quite a few years ago
  • The interior is mostly original and rough. There are fitted replacement carpet and the seats have covers over them. The headliner is original and has some tears.
  • Overall car condition: a complete functional car in fair driving condition. This is NOT a show car but a repairable car.





















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