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1923 Dort


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Thank You for the help. I just purchased a 1923 Dort Harvard. It has the original 6 cylinder engine in it. It is all original. It has 22,000 miles on it. It has the solid wheels that come on the Harvard model. It is the deluxe version of the Yale model.It was built in Flint Michigan. Do you have any idea what color these came in. I need to paint it but I want it as original as possible. Also what type of paint would be used? Any other Dort information would very helpful. This is the only 1923 Dort Harvard left.

Thank You



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Hi I have a 1921 Dort Touring which is a real low miles car. I to am wondering about colors. I was in Flint a couple of weeks ago and went to the public library with no success-wish I'd of thought of the Sloan museum. I'll try and check my info if I have something on the 1923's.

Best of Christmas John W. Cina Eagan, MN.

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