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1928 Buick Master Wheel Help needed

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Helping a new Buick owner determine what rims he needs.   I know a person that probably has the rims, but he does not know what to look for.  


1928 Buick Model 47S Deluxe Sedan -  Buick Master.   Size is 21 x 4 1/2"

Buick used 21 x 4 1/2" 1926 /1927/1928


How come they have a different part number each year?  Are they the same demountable rim, or can I use the same demountable rim? 


It looks like a Jaxon 34 as that applies to 1926 and 1927.  Does it also apply to 1928?    Thank you.





Wheel Jaxon Rims.JPG


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Vin Cassidy provided another Jaxon 34 page that I did not have.   I think the Jaxon page explains why a different part number for a 21x4 1/2"  in a Jaxon #34.      1926 is galvanized, 1927 is black, 1928 and the steel thickness changes from 11/64" to 5/32".       Hugh


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The car pictured above is a master 120, 127 inch wheel base or Master.,


The Jaxon 23 or Jaxon 34 rims in 4 1/2 in, wide will both work.


The wheel bolts on these cars are not real hard. If you try to pull the rim up tight against the wheel, you can strip the bolt threads.  If you over tighten the bolt, you can bend the end of the bolt.  Also if you can not finger tighten the nut on the bolt, you should dress the threads on both of them.  

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