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1969 Cadillac Eldorado - "Priced to Sell" - AZ - Not Mine - 8/20 Ad Deleted

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For Sale on Craigslist:  1969 Cadillac Eldorado in Mesa, AZ  -  $8,500  -  Call Frank  661  317  15 one zero


Link:  https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/mesa-1969-eldorado-coupe/7172666649.html


Seller's Description:

Here is one nice all original Eldorado coupe. Only 2 owners it's entire life and it shows. Last year of this awesome body style. This car has never been driven in rain or inclement weather. Absolutely zero rust and everything is still in working order. Paint still has a nice luster and interior is near mint as you can see. They are only original once. Pretty rare car..Ice cold AC, new brakes and tires. Priced to sell. A bargain.. Just so you know, it is not a show car, but a beautiful driver that gets lots of attention. Car has been well cared for and not abused. 





























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Clicking on the Craig's List ad, one sees a 

list of data the owner provided, and the mileage

there is 89,100.  Yet the photo of the odometer,

as Alsancle pointed out, indicates 25,000 or



It's not perfect, but it looks like a good car for the 

money.  However, my own '69 Eldorado came from

a similarly hot and dry climate, and while the cloth

in the seats looked good, the underlying foam padding

was dry, hard, and powdery.  I had the interior redone.



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I was kicking tires online last night looking at these on HMN, a couple other sites.  At first blush this sure seems like a pretty good deal, color is subjective but I like this blue.  They certainly did offer a wide choice of colors in those days.  

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There are a few really nice 68-69 cars floating around.  Not as big a fan of the 70.  After years of sort of watching for one,  I discovered that Olds had a W34 option on the 68-70 Toronado and decided that was more interesting.  They even made a some with consoles and buckets.

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