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Hello everyone,I hated to sell it but I know it went to a good home and 2 I have 2 more waiting to be restored another  31 and a 32 ,a good friend of mine in Washington. Gary Yelle brought me out of dream land when he said how long are we going to live,I’ll beblessed if I get my 3 cars done but if I don’t maybe they will go to good homes to be finished, I knewrobynsdad Howard reinsert he was  a hell of a guy and I believerobyn and his son Tim to be great also,there was probably 2000 worth of chrome that had already been done along with the chassicrestored and new wood,always a calif car with I believe o rust,good luck Robyn and Tim I look forward to going for a ride when finished,all of us who are getting older please keep the dream alive get out there clean repair and stay busy it keeps us healthy and happy,my late wife said I had a disease and I’m glad I do,   Thanks. Dave

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Sadly, we are in the middle of another project, a 1931 Chevrolet Special Sedan. We will be hitting the Chevy hard for the next year or so then start on this Devaux Coupe. 


We are not sure if we will make it a full show car restoration, or just make it a nice driver. I am very excited for this coupe though. We now have one of every body style Devaux sold in the family.




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Justdave and any other members with hayes bodied cars from the very early 30's:


1931 Devaux coupes all had a wood framed roof fully wrapped in vinyl. If you have any pictures of a competed car or a vinyl top being installed they would be greatly appreciated. 


Specifically, we are looking for how the top gets "finished" around the rear window.

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