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Hello, Now I have to tackle the back door top hinges. I've been looking for a few weeks with no solid information. I am trying to find info on the structure of the door where the hinges attach. This truck was in an accident (before I bought it). I know what I have to do to grind off those awful welds somebody did, but I am not familiar with the support structure.  I would be grateful for some tips on what I'll find inside these doors when I open them up, and how to fix the structure.  Hopefully pictures too.  Thanks

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I suggest that you grind off the weld trying to leave as much of the underlying original metal in place initially. 

Carefully inspect the remains for indications of attachment to inner structure. Then remove enough more metal to expose the inner support structure. Working from the inner outward restore the structure and finish sheet metal to original contour. Attach hinges as intended with restored sets or replacements. It will will then become an exorcise in door fitment to properly place the hinges. 

It can be done.  Luck.   John 

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