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'49 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette - upcoming auction, 8/21, Not Mine

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I don't know the answer to Matt's question for sure, but from the poking around I did on Google and on the forum, it appears that this could well be the original interior.  Trim #71 was ""Grey Striped Broadcloth with Black Leather."  You can read more here:




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I was recently rebuked by the AACA Buick police for using the word, "Sedanette". I was told quite pointedly that it is "Sedanet". When I said that "Sedanette" was the common spelling on Google, my words were met with howling disdain and derision.


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Yes, you made an error and many others make the same error.  I didn't see any "howling disdain and derision" directed at you -- just an effort to correct your error. I think you're taking this too personally.  "Sedanet" is the term consistently used by Buick.






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6 minutes ago, Hudsy Wudsy said:

I don't like being ridiculed:

  On 7/16/2020 at 1:39 AM, Hudsy Wudsy said:

If I've been mislead, it's the fault of others.


Now I'm going to chuckle all evening.


And probably repeat it sometime tomorrow.  Just to fix it in place for the most opportune moment.



I know Bernie and he definitely wasn't ridiculing you. He liked the turn of phrase you used, it made him smile, and was going to adopt it. It sums up the situation perfectly and amusingly: you said "sedanette" because everyone around you has been using "sedanette." It's like being a northerner and going down south and asking for some "pekahn" pie instead of "pee-can" pie. They know what you mean yet they think you're saying it wrong, but since that's all you've ever heard, it's not your fault for getting it wrong. Your turn of phrase is ideal, amusing, and accurate to the situation. I like it like Bernie does.


Maybe they were a little heavy on the proof showing Buick called it "sedanet" but I can guarantee Bernie wasn't making fun of you. Nobody's ever corrected me, and my signature has been "wrong" for nearly 20 years.


Don't sweat it and use "sedanette" if you like it. We'll all still know what you're talking about and most of us don't care which made-up word Buick thought it should be.

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38 minutes ago, Piotr M said:

Any guess about the "auctions estimate"? Unfortunatelly I get no reply - maybe they are not interesting about foreign bidders ? Peter

I asked them twice if there were more photos but haven't heard back aside from instructions on how to register as a bidder.

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