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My 1954 Cadillac Steering Box is leaking Power Steering Fluid. 

I would appreciate your recommendation of a quality rebuilder to go completely through both my steering box, and probably should do the power steering pump at the same time. Both are believed original to the car. Our Caddy is used as a cross-country driver, as well as an AACA/VMCCA Tour/Driver. Some of you are aware of our 10,xxx mile - 3-month trip with this car in 2017. We have toured the convertible more than 38,000 miles since buying her as a well-kept +/- 25 year old restoration to replace other cars lost in Hurricane Katrina.


Your positive experiences with vendors who do quality work will be helpful and appreciated.

Also, if you have a negative comment, please PM directly to me, rather than publicly on our FORUM, (as per FORUM rules).


Thanks in advance,



Taos Chrome 2010 - 1954 Cadillac 010.jpg

Taos Chrome 2010 - 1954 Cadillac 007.jpg

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Thanks, old car fan - I plan to phone Lares when they open later today 

(763) 691-1400 



Yes, Lares Corp does advertise here.

Have any of our folks used their services?

I would like to know the results of work they have performed?


I don't mind ordering / shipping cross-country, and had hoped to find someone closer since I'm in New Orleans and they are 50 miles north of Minneapolis.

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2 hours ago, Restorer32 said:

We use Power Brake Exchange in Pittsburg.  Great work at reasonable prices. 



Thank you for the referral. I spoke with Harold. He is very knowledgeable .

I appreciate your response

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2 hours ago, West Peterson said:

We use Lares exclusively. Paul is a great guy, also longstanding AACA member. Born into the hobby.



Thank you for the referral - very knowledgeable.

Had also had a couple of conversations on another topic with Dan, one of our FORUM members who works at LARES.

I appreciate your response

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We have used Power Brake Exchange for power brakes and steering boxes on '50s and '60s Cadillacs as well as several Buicks.  Harold is a good guy.  If there is a problem he calls us to discuss. We hear Lares is good as well but we have no experience with them.

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