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1963 riviera no brakes need help plz!


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Hi, first post here, hopefully in right place. Recently bought a riv project and the car came with a new installed disk brake kit, brakes didn’t work at all so tried installing an electric vacuum pump, because of cam, still nothing, took the new booster and master off and tested, booster seems to be leaking, I have looked to the end of the universe and no replacement boosters anywhere or aftermarket kit  unless you buy the master as well, are they any other booster/masters off of other cars that will work? 
many help will be appreciated 


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A 67 Riv booster and master will go on to the earlier Rivs with a little work.


If you have disks, I can see you using the single pot master for them.  How bout a picture ?


You can always send your booster to Booster Dewey at http://boosterdeweyexchange.com/


They do good work but at the moment they are 5 or 6 weeks out.


Good luck.

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