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1915 Dodge bro convert

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I have a 1915 Dodge Bropthers Convertable, i bought it off of the second owner who bought it from the original owned. Can anyone tell me what TIC8595 on the fieqwall means. The motor turns and it is compleate down to the hubcaps. There is no rust, most of the original paint is intact. interior is mostly there but rats! Some Leather on doors, Top wood is gone but frame is there. Ideas on its value? Thanks.

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I have been told that the numbers on the firewall were some type of body builder's code,and, unfortunately, no one seems to know that code. The actual car number is on the frame, on the top of the crossmember below the passenger side of the front seat (you'll have to lift the floorboard to see it, but if the floor boards are original, there should be a plate on the floor with the same number on it). What do you mean by 'convertible'? Is it a touring or a roadster?

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