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1942 Lincoln 3 Window Coupes- Actual Production #'s

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  • Hello, I am new today here,  I bought a "1942 Lincoln Zephyr -3 Window Coupe"  last fall project car barn / garage type find;  its a true 50's early 60's hot rod Lincoln in a way …..

    I am trying to  find out really how many of these were made -- could anyone know or lead me to the right aprox numbers?

    I just don't know how really rare it is , and its probably best to sell to a real restoration person/ shop. Undecided right now.

    Thank You !


1942 lincoln- d side.jpg

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According to the book Lincoln and Continental, Classic Motorcars: The Early Years by Marvin Arnold, page 246,  production for 1942 Lincoln-Zephyr, Body Type 72A, three passenger coupe was 273 cars.  Production for the Body Type 77, five passenger club coupe was 1,236.  The Heasley text was in error.   Your data plate should read as Series 26, with serial numbers between H129691 and H136254.  The three passenger coupe body style did not return to production for 1946-1948.


By your photos, the front grilles, hood side trim and hood ornament have been updated to the 1946-'48 style but the front bumper is still 1942.  It was not unusual for 1942 models to have their grilles and trim updated to the current design in those immediate postwar years when used car demand was so high. 

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