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1953 Oldsmobile 88 sedan, Survivor - $7,500 - Roseto, PA - Not Mine

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1953 Oldsmobile 88 sedan, Survivor - $7,500 - Roseto, PA


Original survivor,88k driving, registered with good title. Listing for a friend.  The clothespins on fuel line is an old trick to prevent vapor lock.

Contact:  Call Paul for info. (908) six-seven-four-0-3-8-three

Copy and paste in your email:  9108328a8f9835809196f13a8255a93c@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1953 Oldsmobile 88 Sedan.

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA a.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA b.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA c.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA d.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA dd.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA e.jpg

'53 Oldsmobile 88 PA f.jpg

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Having spent a good part of my working life involved with heat transfer I'm finding it difficult to believe that just 3 clothes pins (article photo) would be much if any help. Covering a sizable amount of the fuel line certainly would have an insulating effect. 

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