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Auburn Eight cylinder head interchange question.

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Trying to help out a friend.


He has a 1932 Auburn Eight that has a damaged and poorly repaired cylinder head.


He has located a new, older reproduction aluminum cylinder head but was told it was for a 1935/1936 Auburn 850/851.


Are these interchangeable? What other year cylinder head can be used for a 1932 Eight?


Does anyone still make new cylinder heads for these?


Thanks in advance. 

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Fortunately and unfortunately everyone likes to restore Auburn's and as a result the parts supply is very limited.  


Try this:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/1929-1933-AUBURN-CYLINDER-HEAD-8-CYLINDER-/142255509826


I doubt 31-33 heads are interchangeable (but probably are pretty close), but if they are interchangeable then he would be better off with a 1934 cast iron head (which was used on commercial cars until 1936).


They may have to re-repair their damaged head temporarily too. 


Hopefully, your posts here, on ACD Forum webpage, in ACD Club Bulletin, and on ACD Club Page on Facebook realizes someone's spare into your hands. 



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I have a very good 31 or 32 head believe the casting #is GU if that makes a difference.

If anyone has interest I can take pictures.

John Kelso


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