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1954 Buick Century 2 door Hard Top.
Automatic transmission, power steering, 322cuin, 200HP V8 Engine.
Mod 54-66R,
Trim No: 63,
Paint No: 03-B,
Style No: 54-4637
Body No: BA 181
322cu, 200HP V8
4-Barrel Carter Carburetor
Flint Michigan
Body by Fisher
Car has 105K original miles, No smoke, no leaks.
Very nice clean California Buick in original condition.
Nice and road worthy and safe daily driver.
Current tags OCT 2020
The car has had a couple of updates to improve the safety of driving on today roadways.
Complete power disc brake system added to the front, this was necessary,
as these old original brakes just did not stop very good. Now it stops on a dime.
Original there is ONE break lines that goes to all 4 corners - Now it is dual break line system
front and rear break lines are separated and a dual reservoir master break booster unit.
Font also has been upgraded to disk breaks for better stopping power.
New 3 core all aluminum radiator, Runs super cool even on the hottest of days. seat belts. 
The Buick runs and drives very good and you can drive it anywhere with no issues.
I can run her 55-60 mph on the freeway with out any problem and she goes straight as an arrow.
Redone interior in grey/greenish cloth and vinyl no rips or tears, do not know how long ago.
New Cooker wide white wall tires with plenty of tire treads.
Original Buick 1954 owners Guide,
Spare tire and jack, and original lift jack
Headlights and R and L turn signal back and front works
Parking Breaks works and easy to release.
Parking Break release Red warning light in dash works
Backup rear lights on the trunk works
Radio is dead has not looked into what it needs to work.
Windows rolls up and down with ease
Speedometer works, Temp, Oil, gauges works
Fuel sender and Fuel Gauge work as well
Heater Fan works
Horn works (but too sensitive, need adjustment)
The original tissue box is still under the dash.
Power steering works fine and smooth and no leaks
Transmission works and shift smooth P N D L R
60 mph on freeway with no problems
Car has sway bar in the front with new bushings
Stock hub caps
Headliner probably original but fine and no rips or tears
Carpet probably original but ok and presentable
Steering wheel original
Eclectic system original with some upgrades and new wires.
Battery switch off terminal for long time storage
Doors Shuts perfectly and gaps are perfect.
Hood Shuts perfect and fender gaps are perfect.
Trunk latch need adjustment, gaps are perfect.
Original Jacks and lug nut wrench in trunk.
Last time I was out driving it alternator was charging 14.1V
It's a nice older car where everything is functional and 99% is working.
(NOTE: wiper does not work, it's vacuum powered and I have not tested or look into what hoses need replacement)
NOTE: The Diagonal tires has been replace with more road worthy Radial Tries for Reliability.
The tread of a radial tire does a better job of gripping the road and provides improved durability and maneuverability. Comfort. Because their plies run radially from bead to bead around the tire instead of diagonally, radial tires are more flexible - giving you a more comfortable ride.
About $3000 in recent done road worthy upgrades
New Master Break Power Booster with DUAL break lines system (original single break line to all 4 corners)
New 3 core Radiator
New 12V Alternator with built in regulator (Tested and show 14.1V Charging)
New 12V Battery and Terminals and Cables
New Coker Classic White Wall Radial Tubeless Tires  225/75R/15
New Shocks
New Disk Break conversion (original Drums in front)
New Black Seat Belts
New Trunk Felt carpet
New Signal Horn
New Break lines
New Steel rims in front
New Radiator hoses
New Power Steering hoses
New Coolant
New Door seal rubber
New Rear Hood Rubber Seal
New Buckle Seat belts.
New Fuel lines, metal and rubber
New Electric Fuel pump
New Fuel Filter
New Ignition Coil
New Ignition Cap
New Ignition Cables
New Ignition Sparks plugs
New Air Filter
New Engine Belts
New Radiator Flex Blade Fan
Since there is no car shows this summer I have been driving her
mostly around town going to pick up groceries and to the post office
I always get thumbs up when out driving her and people like to stop to talk.
Time to pass it on to a new owner to be enjoyed and driven,
Low reserve is being put on this car.
Any questions about the car, just call me at 408-Four Six Six-2472
Open for any cash offers for a quick sale.
The car is been advertised locally as well so
I have the rights to end the auction if car happens to be sold before auction end.
I always get transport quotes from www.transportreviews.com
1Flat-rate is the one I use over and over, no payment until car is delivered.
My ZIP is 95124
Happy bidding....

MyBuick1954 h.jpg

MyBuick1954 o.jpg

MyBuick1954 p.jpg

MyBuick1954 s.jpg

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