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Collection for sale - 1921 Studebaker, 1928 L Lincoln, 1929 model A Ford, 1931 Plymouth

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I wish I could buy that Lincoln! One of my long-time best friends had a 1925 with almost the same body, with wire wheels etc. I don't really like to drive other people's cars, but we went so many places together, shows and tours, silent movies, jazz clubs. Sometimes when he got tired, he just had me drive. It and the model A sedan he had before the Lincoln were probably the two "other people's" cars (other than my parents) that I drove more than any other. I drove that Lincoln for hundreds of miles. A wonderful driving car! My friend has been gone for too long now. Some underlying health issues lead to bypass surgery which prolonged his life about a decade or more, but eventually, a heart attack got him at much too young. HIs family still has the Lincoln.

My apologies for the drift down memory lane. Sort of a long way to say these Lincolns are great cars! Somebody should buy this car and fix it up a bit. Sort it out for driving, and tour the ---- out of it! I wish it could be me. But at this time it can't.

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On 5/13/2021 at 10:02 AM, IndianaCarGuy said:

Is the 1928 Lincoln still available? trentcom@hotmail.com

Robert Swim

He tole me in Feb that it was sold.


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