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Bixby Bridge a year ago today... Lunch in Carmel


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Yes, it was another great week and always has been.

While I missed my usual Car Week transportations (my Roadster or friends “Daytona”), I felt quite privileged being chauffeured around everyday by another local friend in his 58 Imperial convertible or ‘59 DeSoto Adventurer Ht, even when we got temporarily stuck with the Imperial on the west hills parking area of Laguna Seca due to fuel hose failure. Fortunately we got replacement from friends at the pits and to-from ride down there in a track tow truck.
Life is full of wonderful adventures with vintage cars.

P.S. It’ll be interesting to see if the “Car Week” will ever fully recover after this. I doubt “fully”, but if it does, to what extent ?
If anything, I hope all the “lifestyle” events along with auctions will fail and only true enthusiasts will attend what’s left. 
One can dream, right ?

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And two years ago, August 9, 2018, we participated in the VisitCalifornia (state visitors bureau) "Dream Drive" from Monterey to Morro Bay along Hwy1 to publicize the reopening of Hwy 1 which had been closed by a 1/4-mile landslide for 15 months and reduced tourist $$ income by 70%.  About 85 cars beginning with 1934, the year Hwy 1 became a state highway--2 1934 Pierce-Arrows (my Silver Arrow coupe and BobJ's convertible coupe, plus a 1934 Ford station wagon.  We started with a lap around Laguna Seca racetrack and ended with a party at Morro Rock.  The Bixby Creek Bridge mention got e going on this--see photo.


We almost always show up for the admiration of Pebble Concours Tour cars on Ocean Ave. on Thursday.




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3 hours ago, JD in CA said:

Here is Bixby Bridge circa 1940.  A ‘32 and ‘40 Ford out in front.  An a period shot of downtown Pacific Grove




Pacific Grove looks remarkably similar today.


I was unaware that California Highway 1 through the Big Sur area was called the “Roosevelt Highway” as labeled in the Bixby Inn photo. Didn't know there was ever an inn and gas station there either. I don't recall even seeing remains of foundations on any of the times I went past there.


Thanks for those photos!

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Years ago I used to attend the Monterey Historics about every 5 years or so. I always had to give all the other activities a miss due to time and budget limitations. It's now been a decade since I last made it. And the future looks increasingly less likely that I will be able to take any of in in the future.

But it sure was a great way to spend a weekend all the way from the 1970's up to the 2010's.



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I will join in the lament for 2020 Monterey Car Week.  Our plans to attend this year were sadly nixed by the pandemic.  But here a few photos from 2018:  a 1919 Franklin that was driven to Monterey from Florida (shown at the Rotary Rally); the 1956 Cadillac Hess & Eisenhardt Presidential Parade Car (at the Tour d"Elegance); automotive archaeology in guise of an derelict Cadillac convertible (at Concours d'Lemons); and a 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II. an Indian "car of the raj" (at Pebble Beach).  Here's hoping for better times next year!  (Oversize attachments; the last two I'll have to put in a separate post).



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