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HPOF and engine paint


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My Packard is certified HPOF Original. When I bought the car, I was told the engine had been rebuilt, and the block and head have been repainted.


I'm currently doing an in-frame overhaul (spoiler alert - the engine hadn't been rebuilt!). I will install a new, freshly painted water pump as part of the job, and my reading of the rules says that's ok. 

Can I assume I already took a deduction for my freshly painted engine? I don't plan on trying to repaint the block, but I do want to repaint the head - a small coolant weep a few years ago peeled all the paint off the back half of the head. Is fresh paint on the head going to lead to fresh deductions?


I am also fixing the heater valve and hose clamps while I’m in there.




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An engine can be repainted if it has been overhauled, because most likely it was tanked and all paint stripped in the process.  The block would be a mass of rust if not repainted, so a repaint is not a deduction in this case.  As far as your water pump, I would repaint it, because it has been striped in the rebuild process.  I would not consider that a deduction.  As far as the head, if you repaint it, you could loose a point, because it was not repainted due to a rebuild, which stripped the original paint.  Ok, so you take the deduction for the head paint, lets get you two deductions back.  Replace the aircraft style hose clap on the heater hose and any where else they are found.  One point back.  Also, the plumbing for the heater hose shut off doesn't look factory.  Correct that and get another point back.  So if you do these things, you're down one point but up two in another area.  Sounds like a good deal to me.

Dave Bowman

2020 National HPOF Committee Chairman


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