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1929 Pontiac open two-seater

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Portrait Eduard de Jong in a 1929 Pontiac, Shanghai, ca. 1937

Charles Gesner van der Voort's (1916-1991) friend Dorone van den Brandeler (1914-1988) worked for Java-China-Japan Line in Shanghai. They shared a 'mess' with other bachelors. During WW2 Dorone van den Brandeler served in Princess Irene Brigade, Corps Insulinde and NEFIS III. After the war he met his wife Jacqueline in China. After I contacted her we met several times and she  shared many stories of the Shanghai and WW2 years and his Shanghai photo album. This photo from his album shows

Eduard de Jong, who worked for Netherlands India Trade Bank. In 1942 he was taken prisoner of war by the Japanese in Shanghai and held at Haiphong Road Camp. There were twenty-one Dutch prisoners of war there. One of them, Hans Hennus, wrote down the names:
Room 1
[Cornelis Johannes] Schaap
[Roel] Kreulen
[Joe] van Reekum
[Herman] van der Veen
{Gerrit Jacob Jr.} Grilk
[Hans] Hennus
[Henry Michael] van Stellingwerff
[Cornelis Herman Marie] Zonneveld

Room 2
[Michel] Speelman
[Johan Jacobus] Kienhuize
[Julius Lodewijk] Winkelman
[Pieter] Wouda
[Eduard] de Jong
[B.P.] Vlietstra
[Jan D.] Boeke
Karel Mulder
[Michiel] Onnes

Greg Leck, author of Captives of Empire, records additionally:
Albertus Buys
George Diederick Dammers
Anthonie van Amerongen
H.C. van Hoogstraten


Courtesy Van den Brandeler-Meyrier family archives

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