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1929 Chrysler Mascot

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I need a good 1929 Chrysler  mascot without any crack repair or other issues. Looking for a original or one that Don Sommer made. Anyone know if American Arrow Corp is still in business after Dons passing and selling Don's beautifully made mascots? Their web site is up and I have left several voice mails with no luck.

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As I recall, the one for 29 is a pot-metal “Winged cap” where there are a couple different thread sizes inside... is that it? If so you should add the thread size to your post.


Pot-metal from this era is the worst for stability issues and you would be far better off with one of Don’s, hopefully someone will know how to get ahold of whoever took it over.

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3 hours ago, Mark Wetherbee said:

I thought it was one of these which are almost always a mess and typically overpriced IMO...


I'm  glad you found one from Keiser!


Not a bad price for that one if there are no cracks.

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