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One of a kind Brand New 87 BGN


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True, the whole powertrain would have to be gone through if the new owner expected to actually use the car. Probably have to rebuild it all due to rust and corrossion inside from never being used.

If it was priced cheap enough, a person could afford to do something with it. Otherwise it's another worthless museum piece. What a waste of a nice car. frown.gif

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It wont be cheap, it's currently on Ebay with a reserve of $30,000. I currently own 2 of these incredible cars, and as for me, I would rather drive them then let em sit locked up and gathering dust. It really is an oddity to find a "New" 15 year old car, and I am sure there is a collector out there who wants the privilage of owning this Great Buick. Unfortunately I dont have that kind of cash just sitting doing nothing smirk.gif

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