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'65 Gran Sport clutch parts needed

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Here are a couple of better pictures from my recent , new to me , parts book. 

The rod is Group 0.787 P/N 1373012. This is the rod that attaches to the clutch pedal inside and goes out to the lever attached to the frame in the engine compartment. The other two pieces are the adjustment rods that go between the lever assembly and the equalizer. Part numbers are Group 0.787 P/N 1373022 & 1373020. 

Thank you, Pete. 




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If there are no part #s on the parts how will you know you have found the correct parts? Maybe someone with a '65-'66 gransport with std trans could post after measuring length of that rod with the 90 degree bends facing in opposite directions? Then maybe a "cheat" could happen? By that I mean a slight mod(cut & reweld) to a rod from a different application. Keeping in mind, of course, std trans in one and a half year production gransports might put those parts in the realm of "unobtainium"! Anyone know of an interchange part? Expiring mind wants to know! Speaking only for myself, of course!

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I checked my list of parts and unfortunately do not have those. This is what I have in group 0.787:

0.787 1320229 0.787 1352190

Key, cam sprocket

40-50 CT . 40-41-4300 CT

0.788 1328398

Pin, Clutch Rel. Rod to Equalizer - Michigan (1 box of 12 pins)

1946 1949

3/8 x 1-11/16

Box 18


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