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1930 Chrysler 66 instrument panel

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Hi all, new guys first question!

Currently I am restoring a 1930 66 Tourer  #H121SY with an Australian built Holden body.

My question is, does anyone know what color /patterns were on the instrument trim panel?

There seems to be a few different treatment out there.

In sales literature they say "New and attractive instrument panel smartly done in black and silver" 

The outward side of my instrument panel was very rusted, however the rear side which is sandwiched between the gauge panel and front panel

had what appeared to be white/silver paint. 

Hoping the collective wisdom of the forum can shed some light 




Chrysler complete July 14th 2007 022[215].jpg



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Hi 1930 Kram66

Simple answer,  as the literature says Black and silver surrounds around the instruments and instrument panel, but then again nothing is simple with old cars as you could get various instrument panels to suit your taste as can be seen on various photo of instrument panels of 1930 Chrysler 66's, sorry for the poor quality of photos.

I might have a panel face if yours won't do.





You might like t look at this from a few years back 


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