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37 DB interior trim strips.


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Your pipe idea is a good one. I can cut the PVC easy enough. I can deal with some bending as shown in your pics. 

How much do you want for them? If it helps I could trial fit the pieces I have and send the pipe/elbow parts to you for shipping.

My address is 

John Worden

405 Green Mountain Road

Green Mountain, Iowa 50632

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20220410_094413.jpg.183433381a2be4b84ae335b6ac315c6d.jpgI have  access to unprocessed double wall corrugated box material, I have fabricated a custom box with two layers of double wall with a layer in-between with the flutes going the other direction, this will add strength & resistance to bending. There is a shape drawn on both sides of the box of the strips. You have to use a razor knife with a new blade to open, just cut around the drawing. You might think it will  be easier to split the layers, it will not, everything is laminated together with very sticky industrial two way tape. 

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