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Strausstown show/flea market


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Strausstown show is going on. Sept 13th. Great show with a few changes due to WuFlu. Masks recommended but not required if you can distance. On line registration if desired. Only $11 for a car. Not sure what the flea mkt spot is............Bob

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In the past I would ESTIMATE 150-200. No telling this year though. Hard to read the fear factor up here.  Many/most locals don't seem too concerned and only wear face covering when forced to, so I'm guessing most vendors won't be afraid to show up. Ditto for show cars.

A really nice show held on grass, flea market, food, live entertainment. In the past AACA awarded cars were grouped together and all got a nice little memento.

Before the WuFlu the show was getting bigger and better every year.

I think there is a nominal walk on entrance fee. Proceeds benefit the local Lions Club................Bob


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I fully echo Bob's comments to a "T".  This show is a combination of great family fun coupled with a consistently great car show to include outstanding restored farm tractor club's and many hit or miss engines running.  I also recommend it would be worthy of your attendance.  (Make sure you are hungry.  Excellent food vendors.)




Peter J.

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From the Strausstown Car show website

Changes for 2020

Due to COVID-19 there will be several changes to the show this year to maximize safetly for the patrons, car owners, and volunteers. 

We ask that all patrons and car owners follow the government mandates and wear face coverings if you cannot maintain 6 feet apart or social distance. The show will be operated in accordance with the recommended government guidelines.

There will be no judging and defined classes this year. Cars and trucks will be separated based on year and number of preregistered vehicles. 

There will be no chicken BBQ meals this year. 

Flea market spaces will be set up in a checkerboard pattern.

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