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1966 Cadillac Calais $12,000 NJ. NOT MINE

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Just saw this on Facebook,  though it's been listed for 5 weeks? 



FOR SALE: 1966 CADILLAC CALAIS It is painful to do this, but my grandfather doesn't drive much anymore and has decided to let go of his 36k mile all original 1966 Cadillacs Calais 4 door hardtop. As most of you probably know, the Calais was the entry level Cadillac and is sparsely optioned as compared to its DeVille and Fleetwood counterparts. Manual roll-up windows which was rare for a Caddy even in '66! It's equipped with the 429 cubic inch Cadillac V8 and GM TH-400 transmission. This Caddy is in 100% original condition. Never painted, untouched chrome and completely factory interior. It is a true survivor. As such, it is not perfect by any means and you will find small scratches and chips in the paint, a small bubble here or there and other imperfections. It is 99.99% rust free, and has absolutely no rot of any kind. It is believed to never have been in an accident and it presents as such. The original owners manual, warranty guide and accessory brochure are included and in EXCELLENT condition. The car was purchased new at Sperco Oldsmobile Cadillac in Summit, NJ. (The original keys with leather key wallet emblazoned with the dealer logo are included.) It was discovered in the warehouse of Diamond Auto Electric in Newark, NJ around 1995. The contents of the warehouse had been sold and the car was tucked away in a back corner surrounded by shelves and equipment. It had just over 30k on it at that time. My grandparents purchased the car in 1999 and have used it for shows, cruise nights and even to transport my sister to her wedding. It is completely turn-key. I would suggest replacing the tires as they have been on there for over 25 years, but it has been started and driven semi regularly and performs flawlessly. This is a great car to simply drive and enjoy. You could nut and bolt restore it but there is no actual reason to do so. Wanna bag it and lay frame? Heck yeah brother...just don't tell grandpa that's your plan 😂 Asking $12,000. Come have a look and make an offer. Not in a rush to sell, grandpa would just rather see it be enjoyed than have it sit in the garage unused. Please message me via Facebook if interested. Several detailed photos are available. Located in Franklin Borough (Sussex County), NJ. Approximately 50 miles Northwest of NYC. Thanks for looking!








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They assumed it would not cannibalize other Cadillac sales, but draw buyers "up" from Chrysler or Mercury  (or Olds98 and Buick Electra).  Since the car was basically a DeVille with lesser trim and corporate window hardware, it was really cheap from a tooling perspective.  Seems the successor to the series 61. GM was getting into a lot of divisional overlap in this era, and Cadillac was increasing volume.  From a buyer's perspective, not a bad deal if the deletions were not important to you.

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My father bought a new 66 dark blue Calais from a Cadillac dealer in Covington KY. He had sold his 1964 98 Olds 4dr HT to my grand father. Dad always wanted a Cadillac and the Calais was his entry. Within a week we were rear ended at a stop light near my aunt's home in Hamilton Ohio. The rear bumper was pushed up over the rear wheel house. The five passengers we were all shaken up but mostly ok. I went over the back of the front seat but my Aunt Loretta had whiplassh issue for the next 20 years.This extended our vacation by another week. The Covington dealer had the car repaired within that time.  My father never was satisfied with the paint though. I was able to drive the car several times before he traded it on a new Emerald greene 1972 Sedan DeVille

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The Calais was an interesting car from Cadillac .At the time,  to be able to  get a Caddy without power windows and seat was unusual.  Cadillac offered a car for people to move up from an Olds 98, Buick 225, Chrysler, or Mercury. Anyway you slice it, it was still a Cadillac. John

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