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Hey, thanks for thinking of me.  Judging by the cowl vent, it is stuff from a smaller car.


Looks  like the inside of a bunch of my file drawers - though more organized.  A recent move helped me - er, forced me - to organize better and realize it's time to start drawing down my own extra parts...


Lots of fun swap meets and salvage yards over the years, so no regrets!


So hey, folks, PM me what you need out there.

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2 hours ago, NC-car-guy said:

I'm not paying to ship this across country


Large flat rate is $18 + 30= $48  Ive seen the license plate mount sell for that (back when). Lot's of other good stuff, the spare tire mount bolt, the mirror bracket looks pretty clean, @buick5563 has a good use for those radio and ash tray bezels. 

not a bad deal for a flipper

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