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1959 Cadillac Limo 56k miles in Michigan $35k

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2 hours ago, gossp said:

Leather in the front and cloth in the rear was very common on chauffeur driven cars.  That car was built very near the end of the practice. 


Yep. For many years, cloth was luxurious and leather was utilitarian. They used it in the chauffeur's compartment because there was a possibility that he might be dirty or greasy and didn't want to ruin that lovely expensive wool cloth.




111818-19.thumb.jpg.ff68d9df24eaedc26b0bfd716cabfd29.jpg  RearSeat1.thumb.jpg.6f80084cac801ded5115b5a77c494eb4.jpg

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Very common until long after "coach built" limo's or regular luxury units were equipped. Remember these were not built to last 75 + years. Maybe 5 to 7 years with a body change every few years. The start of  built in obselesence . Brocade cloth was the top line trim option.

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Leather for the chauffeur was a holdover from the horse-drawn carriage days into the open-front town car era.  Being a more durable material better able to withstand the rigors of wear given by the chauffeur's activities plus weather exposure.  Fine fabrics, as one would find in the owner's home parlor, were what was considered appropriate upholstery for the enclosed tonneau,  The tradition continued into the enclosed drive limousine era.

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....originally purchased by a funeral home in Gersham, Oregon.


It's refreshing to see an honest listing for once.  This may be the only '59 Cadillac in the world that wasn't previously owned by Elvis.



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