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Buick Factory Photos


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Been wanting to start this thread for awhile and when I couldn't find a thread that this picture might fit other than Girls on Buicks maybe, thought now is the time to start it.

Feel free to transfer factory photos from other threads to here as I know there are quite a few.



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On 8/6/2020 at 11:15 AM, MrEarl said:

Who can identify these engines



I am curious and was hoping someone who tell me all about it.  Anyhow, my research and observations:  Inter-web say this is a 1966 factory photo;  there are last generation (red) engines probably small block (340?) or big block (400/430) for next year(?); there are nailheads (green) in line too which should be 401/425, but the closest one appears to have a canister oil filter which I though ended with the 364.

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On 8/12/2020 at 4:49 PM, Larry Schramm said:


I've been in that engine plant during my years with Buick & General Motors.   So has Brian Heil, a lot more than me.

as said above red engines definitely 1966 340 ci  because 1967 had sticker with engine size on it on the valve covers there is no spot for the stickers on those covers. what i found interesting is how the starters have so much overspray  making them red and here we are detailing the black and aluminum on the starter motor we should just slather engine color paint all over them lol. would love to have one of those cradles the engines are on. great pic 

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3 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:


That must have been a noisy place.  

Doubtful they hooked up mufflers, but probably had an attachment for the exhaust to get it out off the facility 

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