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New DB owner here, anyone have an extra DB41 key?

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bought 1920 on ebay. apparently owner before one I'm buying from lost the key... First of many issues i'm sure! Have really become a Dodge Brothers fan. Ive owned older cars, but never owned a 100 year old car before. (Had model Ts before lots l like about this dodge compared to those.

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Watch eBay. Look for Clum keys. You can try both Dodge Brothers in the title and just a search for Clum DB41 or just Clum 41 key. When searching eBay, might work best if you leave the Dodge out as many sellers might not know what the key fits that they are selling. I did not see that number when I just looked. Aftermarket replacement keys may not say Clum on them so you may have to broaden your search parameters.

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