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Leaking 30 Pontiac water pump


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These waterpumps are fragile so be careful. They are also hard to find in rebuildable condition. I had two and sold them to a guy in Australia..

Do what Kornkurt states above. I never could completely eliminate water pump leaks. Short drives were ok but on long drives it would leak terrible. I had to carry a water jug with me and a water pump wrench to tighten the 1 inch nut on trips.. The indian head rad cap ornament would also leak under pressure. I ended up using a Motometer rad cap gauge to keep an eye on the coolant temps. 


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If you can't slow the leak down with new packing, the pump probably needs rebuilding due to bad bushings or a burned shaft or both. It needs to leak a tiny bit for lubrication or the shaft will burn up. Only a little, just enough to keep it damp or wet (not a steady drip or stream).

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I would hold off removing the pump.  I have found that you have to keep tightening the packing after a rebuild for a while.  I would tighten the nut and drive more.  If it gets to the point where you can't tighten the nut anymore you can then back off and put more packing material.  While I respect Kornkurt's knowledge I have not had a lot of luck with plumbing store packing.  The best I have found for splithead engine pumps is:

Palmetto Packings

Style 1347AF

It is 3/16" square

I think you can get it on Amazon but I got mine through McMaster Carr.  

I find this to be the best packing for these engines.

Good luck.

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