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1932 chrysler ci6? body value?


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Here is the deal, hopefully it makes sense. In my garage I have whats believed to be a 32 Chrysler hardtop 4 door ci6... But no positive identification has been made, I am trying to figure out a rough estimate on the value of the car. Here are some details. The car has no interior aside from the steering wheel and trim pieces. Half the windows are missing, the original engine is there but in near impossible restoration condition, the original drive train ie: the transmission drive shaft and axles and tires are all there... I figure the only real thing of value is the body and tho it has no original paint the body is relatively good condition , I'm mechanically minded but don't have the time money or knowledge to restore this thing, or turning it into a tire burner. Below hopefully are some pictures, The hood ornament and headlights i have as well as some other bits and pieces. 100 bucks 1000 bucks 3 Grand I have no idea, any information or ideas are appreciated.





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28 minutes ago, sReubenw said:

. 100 bucks 1000 bucks 3 Grand I have no idea, any information or ideas are appreciated.

The big pricing issue is where it is, as far as final selling price.  Some dry climate states don't seem to have a strong selling market on that condition.


That bigger project condition means it most likely will be a semi local buyer that can pick it up within 200/300 miles or so, versus a restored expensive car that a buyer might be willing to pay for long distance hauling.


Here in Southern New England, I would probably be able to get 2000 easy, and maybe 2500 by listing it in multiple places.  We don't have titles here, but many states absolutely require them, keep that in mind for pricing if you don't have one.


Hopefully the serial number plate is still on it, or price needs adjusting....  I believe that one should have it on the passenger front door post between the hinges. That will tell what year, etc

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Thanks for the in put I really cant wait to find to crawl around and some serial numbers haha, I Had located the engine number at one point but have forgotten it since then, I searched high and low on the internet and could not find out what any of the numbers meaning so i gave up on it, Out of all the factors that affect price i would think finding a buyer the biggest,  The car is currently located in a small small town on the coast of California. From what i gather the cars valuation would be between 1500 and 2000? assuming i could find a buyer. At one point somebody offered 1k.. maybe i should get ahold of them ;)

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Woah bombardment lol, sorry for the no reply I had a busy couple days. I Will  take a  couple photos of the engine later today perhaps and post it here, The car is located in Fort Bragg California 95437  for those curious 

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