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1964 Mercury Monterey 'Breezeway' - $500 - Homer, NY - Not Mine - SOLD

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1964 Mercury Monterey 'Breezeway' - $500 - Homer, NY 


Solid, but not running. Parked in garage since 2009. Was running fine three times a year. Starter is shot. Interior stripped except headliner which is in decent shape. Have all the seat frames and some extra parts to fix which are included in price. Just don't have the time or money. Will need brakes and lots of other stuff. You will not be able to drive it home. It will need to be towed. It has the breezeway rear window that rolls down. Pretty cool car and a good base for a project.

Contact: no phone listed

Copy and paste in your email:  67079fccf86c3da69f43fd301fef5135@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1964 Mercury Monterey 'Breezeway' sedan.   

Note: An opportunity for someone young to get a really cheap project they can learn on and get a start in the hobby.

'64 Mercury Monterey 500 bucks, Homer NY.jpg

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Looks like one of the best 500 dollar cars I've seen in a while, based on the one picture. But you never know...the other side might be totalled. If it is good all the way around, I hope it doesn't get parted out, as auburnseeker said, but 4 door Mercury sedans from the 60's don't bring a lot of money (I speak from experience), so putting a lot of money in a car like that to bring it back to being presentable would be hard to justify. You probably have to find a buyer whose parents had one when he was a kid.

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