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1957 Cadillac going up for auction this Sunday - $1 -NOT MINE

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8 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

I actually didn't pay attention to the listing,  but this car is only an hour away.  I'm starting to think maybe I should go throw a bid in. I have some spare change laying around. 

Of course you have to go .You never know that there are so serious bidders around .i see the dash cover is not shrunk like almost always on those cars.Somebody took very good care of this car .

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 I hate waiting around all day,  only to lose out on an item,  especially since it's just one thing I'm after.   Now an auction with several interesting lots,  you are bound to score something.  I have a friend that goes to this auction occassionally.  I just saw him the other day but he wasn't sure if he is going.  If so I could have him give it a once over and give me a call, then I could decide whether it's worth going after.  If there are a ton of people hanging around it and oogling over it,  might also be an indication as to how much interest there is. Of course it only takes one other guy with deeper pockets and mine aren't very deep.  I do find myself gravitating more and more to prewar.   Must be the Ed influence. ;) 

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