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1932 Chevrolet VIN Location needed

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I may be going to look at a 1932 Confederate for sale. Can someone tell me were to find the VIN number. Is it stamped on the frame or attached tag? Did they go by the serial number stamped on the engine like other makes at that time?


Alex D.

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I believed I answered this in the General Forum, but here goes again.


First, the standardized VIN did not come out until the 1970s or 1980s.  Up until that time the vehicle numbers were referred to as the vehicles Serial Number and each manufacture had their own format for vehicle serial numbers.


For a 1932 Chevrolet the serial number should be on a 4x2 inch metal plate nailed to the wood floor under the rubber floor mat on the passengers side (right side) just inside the door threshold.


The number should be in a format like 12BA123456789.   In this example the 12 represents the factory where the car was made, the BA is for a 1932 Chevrolet Confederate and the remaining digits are the unique serial number.


Whether the Serial Number or Engine Number was used depends on the state where the car was originally registered.  The issue with engine numbers is if the engine wore out and needed replaced the registration would need to be amended.  I live in PA and the 1933 Chevrolet Master I have owned for 49 years has always been registered using the Serial Number, but I have a 1964 Vespa scooter that was originally registered with the engine number.  When I bought the Vespa, I got the registration number changed to the scooter's serial number.   In PA there is a special form that I needed to fill out and have the local police department come to my house and verify both the engine and serial numbers then the state had no issue registering it correctly.


Back in the day, there were also issues with the vehicle year shown on the registration.


Some states would register vehicles based on the year it was made, some on model year of the vehicle, and yet others on the year it was first sold.  That said, you could have an early production 1933 Chevrolet built in November or December 1932 and the car may be registered as a 1932.  On the other hand you could have a 1931 Chevrolet that was a left over and did not first sell until 1932 and it could be registered as a 1932.









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