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fuel tank/sending unit issue

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I've got a 62 comet with the 170 cu engine and had a leaky sending unit so I bought a replacement gas tank/sending unit from 1a auto and replaced it (the tank had seen better days as well). Car was running well prereplacement with a new fuel pump, but now no gas is getting to the engine (the fuel filter looks totally dry) .. I'm assuming I got a bad sending unit and will now have to drain the tank and pull it out.. but was wondering if there was anything else it could be?  thanks for any help anyone can provide ..



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Sorry for your dilemma and lack of responses. If a new sending unit can fail, then I guess the new fuel pump can as well. Was it a NOS pump? I bought a NOS pump years ago that never worked I presume because the seals or diaphragm or other rubber parts dried out after decades in storage.


Before doing anything else, however, I'd disconnect the fuel line at the sending unit and the pump and use an air compressor to clear it out or see if there's a clog. Do the same with the line from the pump to the carb.

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