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1959 - 1970 Chevy ++ N.O.S. ++ Kelsey-Hayes ++

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  Gentlemen who are keeping your 1959 - 1970 Chevy Full Size car four (4) wheel drum.... Fits Caprice, Impala, Bel Air, Biscayne --- ALL --- !!!

    I have N.O.S. O.E.M. Kelsey-Hayes ((DELCO) Front & Rear Brake Drums !!!!

Exactly 2 -- Front -- 11" x 2 3/4".    & Exactly 2 -- Rear -- 11" x 2" ..........

    & N.O.S. +++ Asbestos +++ Brake Shoes for nice smoooooth braking !!!!!


     Want the best price ???? Call immediately .....Tell you why when you call....

        Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935.... New York......


It is these ..... Or, you ARE going Chineseum........

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If you 21 who have "viewed" or anyone else wants the deal of this lifetime,

For +++ N.O.S. +++ U.S.A. made +++ O.E.M. brake drums & +++ N.O.S. +++

Asbestos +++ Brake Shoes, Call immediately !!!!


Otherwise --- you will be going Chineseum --- these haven't existed U.S.A.made in over a quarter of a century !!!!


Call NOW --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935 ..... New York ......

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We are up to 29 views now.... C'mon man, baseball is back....

Who is going to step into the batters box here and be "THE MAN" ?????


Who out there LOVES your car ?????  This is a once for life, one in a lifetime golden opportunity... Don't be a stand on the sideline little pout

face boy, letting the MAN beat you to the SCORE.... STEP UP --- It is your car, no one else's.....

And , there is a great story to hear about why I am doing this.....

      Yours, Craig.....

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Only good days,

   Yes !! I have exactly two (2) Fronts & exactly two (2) Rears --- the Fronts are the 11" x 2 3/4" and the Rears are the 11" x 2"....

   I have +++ N.O.S. +++Asbestos +++ Brake Shoes, that I have purposely saved , for only the person who buys the drums....

+++ N.O.S. +++ Asbestos +++ Brake Shoes are the softest, smoooooothest braking system known to mankind --- and most importantly, don't rip up brake drums to smithereens....

    Always best to simply call me --- Craig --- 516 - 485 - 1935... New York.... (You can call this weekend, even...)

    Yours, Craig.....

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    You C A N be the one lucky winner, as I indicated....

Where did you disappear ????

   Magic phone number is listed above.... All it takes is 1.5 seconds to dial and WIN, unless you have a rotary phone.... Then it takes twelve (12) seconds to be the Winner.....


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