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Dodge Radiator or Grille Emblem - Truck?


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This one has me stumped. It is large, 4 1/4" wide by 1 5/8" high. Heavy stamped brass with traces of nickel plating on the back, may have originally been enameled but I doubt it. Made by Fox Company. I'm assuming it is for a truck because of the size, I need to know what years and models it was used on. Thanks for your help. 




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I'm betting it was used between 1931-34 big trucks (2 ton or more ...) possibly school buses. 100% it's for a big truck as Fox was the maker of these emblems back into the 1920s for Dodge Brothers. Interesting though...I've never seen one in solid brass before... 


I know the smaller trucks used this one in the photo below, starting with the F series 1931/32 models and more than likely some may have trickled into 1933 or 34 models as well. I personally doubt the blue emblem below was used on any 1934 models (never seen any proof at least) but I'm sure I'll get an argument from someone that who knows them better and prove me wrong.... So many unknowns about the transition days when Chrysler took over... Point being, the emblem you own may have trickled into the 1934 models as shown in the model chart below for the larger trucks. 


Below is a model chart. Starting with the F40 on down is going to be the many possible models that may have used it. I think it's school bus or Parlor Car simply because I've never seen a brass one. Parlor Car probably makes more sense because that was the top of the line bus for the wealthy of the time.

When viewing the chart, keep in mind that July 1 was the beginning of the new year model. June 31 is always  the last day of the year model as a general rule.. 
So anything that shows July 1930 is actually a 1931 model and so on..


Is it for sale? I'd love to see it saved and get in the hands of someone that can really use it. 


 Vintage 1930 1931 Dodge Brothers Truck Radiator Emblem Enamel Badge CT27





Example of one of the early 30s DB school buses



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49 minutes ago, TexRiv_63 said:

Thanks for the data. When did the Dodge Brothers logos get replaced by the Dodge logos?

1939 was the very first year for just the DODGE logo.


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Well I think I found it. According to the American Auto Emblems site, Dodge started 1931 with an all-enamel version of this emblem used on all commercial vehicles, then mid-year switched it to a plated one with black infill paint in the letters, which is gone on mine. They say 1931 is when they dropped the "Brothers" from the logo at least for these models. So you were both right, thanks for the help. This will be for sale on my Ebay site next week.


Dodge DSC08941 .JPG

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