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1500W Gear Lube. Suppliers?

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Caltex Meropa, Penrite.  Have a search of the forum - plenty of discussions in the past.  1500 may be a little heavy but also what ever works best:)

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Dodge Brother fsnooks,


I had this same question after I finished the restoration of our 1923 Screen Side. As a Heavy Equipment operator, I contacted the local CHEVRON Bulk Plant where I purchase all of my Fuel & Lubricants.

The Bulk Plant Manager, put me in contact with CHEVRON Technical Support in San Ramon, California where I personally talked with a Senior, Petroleum / Chemical Engineer.


The CHEVRON Engineer recommended their "CHEVRON / Mobil 600 Wt. Steam Cylinder Oil". The product ONLY comes in 5 Gallon Pails & 55 Gallon Drums, running about $ 20.00 bucks a Gallon.

The engineer told me, lubricants have come a LONG way since the 1920's. There are additives an lubrication extenders that make the 600 Wt. as thick and better lubricant than anything of heavier weight.

The engineer also said the Chevron 600 Wt, is "Food-Grade" for use in Canneries and Food Processing facilities. I asked him: "Could I drink it?" . . . .  "You might, but it would taste funny" was his reply.


It is a "Heavy Syrup" consistency and a 5 Gallon pail will be a Life-Time supply for any Dodge Brothers owner.  I've had 'My-5' since 1994 and it is STILL 1/2 full.


Depending upon where you live, (California / Nevada??) I can give you a phone number for a 'State-Wide' Bulk Fuel Distributor who has this product in stock ready for delivery.


Best Regards & Good Luck,


Power Wagon Dude




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Restoration Supplies sell Penrite Oil which is made to suit our old transmissions and rears Most of the old car movement in Australia use Penrite Oils as they actually formulate and make the oils suitable for our cars 

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I don't believe that anyone has mentioned LUB 164 1500W oil, which is also sold by the same restoration supply companies.  I have had good results with it: much less grinding and clashing of gears than with the 180W I had been using.

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