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1965 GTO 200 MPH speedometer?

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I have this rather pretty 1965 GTO convertible and a gentleman called today and asked about the 200 MPH speedometer. I have no idea what it is or where it came from, but it doesn't appear to be new or a reproduction and shows 83,000 miles, which is what's on the title. It does not look like aftermarket unit and it isn't marked KPH so it isn't Canadian (Canada was still using MPH in 1965 anyway). It seems to read reasonably accurately, at least as accurately as any other old car speedometer. I can't explain it but now I'm curious.


Does anyone know where this speedometer might have come from or if it was optional on the GTO or some other Pontiac of that vintage? I can find no references on the internet and my Google-Fu is pretty good.




013.thumb.JPG.5d85301a90db8382cc73efff866779b5.JPG  054.thumb.JPG.4c24a09a9840beba0a05e1a9af862ca0.JPG  055.thumb.JPG.670b6167f584f9e09c8a3c657517622a.JPG

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even though it doesn't say KPH, it makes sense that that is what it is, a check driving down a interstate highway with mile markers will determine if it's mph of kph.

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Hi Matt,

the number spread 0-200 makes sense to be metric. Otherwise all your driving in the 0-60mph would be in the first quarter of the gauge and not easy to read.

We are metric here (Australia) and I’m doing the conversion every time I drive.

30mph is close to 50kmh,  35mph close to 60kmh, 45mph close to 80kmh, 100mph close to 160kmh so a 200kmh would come near the top speed of the GTO.

Possibly destined for Europe,



Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀



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