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Maxwell Tachometer Information Sought

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Just acquired this and would like suggestions as to what it might be and how to research it. It is a Jones Motrola type B class A tachometer. These can be found online in fitted cases with attachments to allow it to be a hand held device for measuring  rpm. It normally has the ability to measure 3 different rpm ranges. My example has a single scale and is marked Maxwell Motor Company Inc. dating it to 1913 or later. I found mention of tachometer usage on Maxwell's 1914-15 factory race cars.  If this is not an example of one of those racers tachometers then to my mind it has to be either a test instrument for use by the factory or a dealer used item. In 30 years of Maxwell parts chasing I've never seen another nor mention of it's use. Had it been the later 2 usages I'd have thought more than one would have survived. I welcome thoughts and suggestions.


Howard Dennis



Annotation 2020-05-22 182623.png

Tach 7.jpg

Tach 9.jpg

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I have nothing useful to offer, but must say that it is quite an interesting find.  If only objects could talk, the stories this one could tell!

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