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1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

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Fun car........unfortunately.......I remember going to pick up my fathers nearly identical car new in November of 69 right out of the dealer showroom in Springfield Mass. Orr Cadillac was the dealership, and every year, his new car was parked under the chandelier in the showroom, it was a “big event” each fall. The smell of the leather is still clear in my mind........my father would not order the cloth interior......which I preferred. I remember driving the car to Rhode Island in early April of 71 to Bills Junkyard , to pick up 1931 Cadillac parts. Mom was yelling that he drove the car in the mud right up to the Cadillacs to put all the heavy parts in the trunk. When he sold the car ten years later, I remember finding a few small loose bolts and hardware from the trip still in the trunk. The car has been fine forty plus years, and dad well over twenty. Great memories of family...........thanks for posting your car.

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