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1929 Olds split rim

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I've had a flat and installed a new tire and tube on the split rim. I have been trying for days to remount it on the hub with no luck. I'm to the point of buying a sledge hammer and see if I can force it on that way. But was hoping someone would point out a method that wouldn't  destroy the wooden spokes.

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Eventually you will be able to do that whole job in 15 minutes.  It just takes practice.  In 400,000 miles I have replaced 5 sets of tires plus a few flats so 25 times I have replaced a tire, tube and flap.  Almost painless now.

I had a friend with 29 Olds, a great car.  Attached is a picture of his Olds, one just like his Father owned and my Pontiac that my Grandfather bought new.

I hope you enjoy your Oldsmobile as much as Ihave enjoyed my Pontiac.

T13blue 29olds.jpg

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